Great Old Gaming Gems – Super Hydlide

Ok well it’s my first article on classic gaming titles and I have to say I’m starting with a bit of controversy. Like many adults around today I was playing games while I was in nappies (though enough about that painfully humiliating summer of 2 years ago) and as such I grew up with some classic games. I know my erstwhile companion has already commented on a number of games from the ZX Spectrum and there’s still many of those to choose from. I also have experience of large numbers of console and PC systems so have no concern over a lack of ideas.



Some of you may remember Super Hydlide. I always used to see it available in Woolworths with beautiful box art and my heart longed for it. I remember when I first got the game back home and plugged in the cartridge (never used to read the instruction manual) and comparing what I saw on screen to what I saw on the box.

Super Hydlide 0

Modern days when we think of bad graphics we think of textures not truly looking like the material it’s meant to portray or a character looking slightly blocky. Back then, we knew what poor graphics really were and these were shocking. Especially compared to other contemporary classics, hey even Altered Beast could pull of smoother sprites than Super Hydlide.

Super Hydlide 1
By now some of you are probably either thinking “yeah that game looked awful” or “how dare you that game was a classic”. To those I say “Dude, not finished.”

Super Hydlide was and is a freakin’ awesome game! This game gave me some of the greatest times of my childhood (yes, my childhood was that sad) and even helped me complete my school music project by inspiring me with the awesome dungeon music.

You can pick between 4 classes, warrior, thief, monk and cleric and you fight a variety of nasties to rescue fairies gain treasure and save the world. The game is not easy but then the best reward comes from going through something that feels vast and at times impossible. You have to manage your weight capacity and equipment and you’re off .

Super Hydlide 2

Super Hydlide is a game that exemplifies what is wrong with a vast majority of games released today. This game was vast, in depth and highly detailed with a plot line that was gripping. Yes the graphics sucked but it didn’t matter, the game was just that good. Something current makers of games don’t understand is that it doesn’t work the other way around and a lot of designers have met their end making a beautiful game with no substance.

Super Hydlide 3

Take a look at Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 or PS3 – beautiful, incredibly lifelike yet still anime graphics. A game I traded in after trying to play it for a month. I even traded in the special unique pre-order promo cards I received because I wanted to erase ever having purchased this game. With VII or VIII the graphics were blocky and they’re crying out to be graphically updated but the game itself was amazing and in depth. ¬†Should we update the graphics? A question for another time perhaps.

From the desk of your benevelent God-King