Great Old Gaming Gems – Turok 2

Turok 2 – Seeds of Evil

The Turok series was very popular on the N64 and could easily be claimed to be one of the N64 titles that people purchased the console for. The original Turok in my opinion took itself a little too seriously. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot that was going for it and I really enjoyed playing the game but my heart will always pick Turok 2 over Turok.

Why? Well the game just seemed so well developed, it seemed larger, it seemed more varied and it had some truly fun weaponry.

When people refer to Turok they usually do so in terms of crazy and weird weaponry your character could use and Turok 2 really made for some entertaining deaths. Easily my favourite weapons in Turok 2 are the Cerebral Bore which always ended a fight with a bang, (preceded by a few seconds of drilling as the bore attatched itself to the enemy’s head and squirted the contents all over the place) and the Razor Wind, with which I could hurl a bladed chakram at my enemies and have it return to me (usually resulting in an instant kill), I always felt like I had the infamous glaive from Krull (Hey It’s a decent film. No really. Hey stop badmouthing it!)

It also gave a pretty wide variety of levels, each was kind of modular, once completing a world you could enter a hub and travel to a range of landscapes including a sprawling city metropolis and deep dark caves filled with spiders. It wasn’t as linear as a lot of games can be, especially when looking at FPS games on the N64 and it gave all kinds of new ideas ways that the game could be taken. Its just a shame that Turok 3 was so incredibly rubbish.