Hiding from Seagulls


Thank you for visiting my page on the Spaceman. My name is John but I write on here as the Analyst.

Hiding from Seagulls is my first full length children’s book on the Amazon Kindle. I wrote it and I3T (Adrian) who is a master with spelling and grammar when compared to me edited.



It is a book about Tommy…

Tommy started believing in impossible things the day he caught a bus along with a man curiously dressed as a live size teddy bear. What followed was the most bizarre journey of his life.


Join Tommy and his reluctant school friends on an adventure as they meet, elephant men, talking owls, the Man of Christmas, and many more. All whilst being chased by a Duchess who knows their deepest personnel secrets.


It’s of similar length to Wonkers Chocolate factory and although in the tone of a children’s book is suitable for all. Right now Hiding from Seagulls has just been released, I’m pretty nervous to see how it is received. You can get the book on Amazon Kindle here


If you have purchased the book please let me know what you think. I can be contacted at analyst@bewarethespaceman.com


I don’t think it is giving away any secrets in saying that the Seagulls door was left open at the end of the book (although it is a self contained story) The reason I have given Seagulls it’s own section here on the Spaceman is to keep you updated.


The Seagulls may have landed here at Beware the Spaceman but they haven’t flown away just yet.