Great Old Gaming Gems – Home Alone



Everyone who is old enough to remember this film remembers that little kid screaming with the aftershave on his face and how thoroughly irritating he acted throughout the whole film. The one endearing feature of the film was the fun he seemed to have setting traps for the witless criminals who tried to break into his house.

The Home Alone game on the SNES took this element and based the whole gameplay around it and it was fun. Seriously, it was deceptively simple laying traps like tar and feathering, broken glass baubles, a nasty spider etc… and making these crooks trigger every single one until they ran off scared or the cops came. This was around an entire neighbourhood so not just in one particular building.

Home Alone is fun in a lot of ways but the very fact that you could just booby trap an entire group of houses seems a lot of fun. I’ve always felt that you could take the trap mechanic and apply it to other games. Can anyone imagine a version of a Saw game where you play as jigsaw and create wild and deadly mazes for hapless victims to go through? Sounds like a winner to me.

The thing about this game is although its kind of gimmicky, it really actually works well and there is enough variety and options to keep foiling the wet bandits until they give up or get captured. In classic game terms, sure its not really comparable to something like Final Fantasy or Sonic but in its own way it really is special and I think we need to take another look at it and have a little fun.