i3t – Back?

So a lot has happened since I last wrote an article in the i3t section. Perhaps most notably Donald Trump somehow is The President of America. Now that poses a huge problem for me. I write politically and I always try and do so with a healthy dollop of satire where possible. The problem is now a billionaire reality TV star has been elected where is the satire in that? The real world is instantly far more a bizarre place and leaves me struggling to find an angle with which to write.

Here in the UK its the same story albeit for differing reasons. We’ve a totally unelected government, we’re on course for Brexit despite most of us being none the wiser as to what that’ll actually mean, and it really feels like the inmates are running the asylum.

Fake news is being recited as gospal truth by everyone from your obscure mate on facebook to Donald Trump whose out there with his team inventing terrorist attacks and massacres that simply never happened.

Its gotten so out of hand that now Facebook is offering to show me how to spot fake news despite me not wanting nor needing the advice. Its more than a little patronising. Whatever your political colours I think we can all agree the world has gone just a tiny bit mad. 

And throughout all of this I’ve had writers block. How can you write when things have gotten so weird? Its like everyday is April’s Fools Day on an endless eternal loop.

Sure I’ve started writing countless articles but they just seemed to loose their way about halfway through and stall before I could finish them. Have I become a metaphor for Brexit? Only time will tell…

A couple sounded pro Trump which is definitely not a stance I want to be associated with. He was democratically elected by the minority of Americans after all. Hillary Clinton might have gotten nearly two million more votes on the day, fact, but Trump won due to the way the American election system works.

In the last UK election UKIP got more votes than the SNP yet were considered failures for not getting a single seat. The SNP got over 50 seats.

Perhaps there is something deeply flawed in both of our political systems? On the face of it it’s a distinct possibility. What I do know though is that this is the system we have and for the foreseeable future that doesn’t look likely to change.

The world feels a mad, scary, place right now and we’re all along for the ride. But if we’re all stuck crammed in the clown car maybe we should at least make the most of it?

Perhaps that’s even our duty. We must find the light in every situation. In a world that’s losing its mind we must ways be sure of ours. In a world where hatred and intolerance are on the rise we need to show that there is a better way.

We are all human afterall so isn’t it time we moved along from ultimately meaningless hatred based on things as trivial as race and religion? We are at a crossroads where we desperately need compassion to be our guide as a species.

Maybe, just maybe, if we all treated each other as equals and respected each others beliefs, and accepted that some people are different but celebrate rather than hate on those differences, the world might slowly but surely become a fair and just place to live for everyone.

And wouldn’t that be nice?