i3t – Breaking News General Election

As of writing this article its been 25 minutes since Theresa May has announced a snap General Election to be held on June 8th. It’s safe to say that its a decision literally no one saw coming. Especially since a few days ago she said that this was something she would not, under any circumstances, do.

Yet here we are. 

I can totally see why she’s done this. Firstly the biggest criticism of hers raised is that she wasn’t actually elected as PM. She got the job as literally no one else wanted. Now if she can win this election she’ll silence her critics and cement her position.

Will she win? I think that goes without saying. The Labour party are beseiged with in fighting and I just can’t see them uniting in time, or even at all, to Mount a decent campaign against them. Well unless they vote Ed Balls as leader and he promised to do Ganghan Style every day outside 10 Downing Street. (He was on Strictly Come Dancing last year and that was his big dance).

On paper it’s a solid move. However… To me it makes her look very weak. Such a big U turn over such a momentous issue isn’t really something you’d expect a strong leader to do at all. I can see a few political sharks in the Tory camp smelling blood in the water.

I’m going to end this on a prediction. The last election and the Brexit referendum have made almost everyone who predicts things get proven wrong. However this one I’m going to stand behind come June 9th.

I predict this will have the lowest voter turn out of any election in UK history. By a mile. 

So there you go. Another few more uncertain months ahead