i3t – Brexidus

It’s been nearly two weeks since our country voted to leave the EU and a lot has happened. You’d have to have been living deep in a cave for the past fortnight to not be aware of what’s going on. The Tory Party is having a leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn is still thankfully hanging on, the Lib Dems are still AWOL, and as for UKIP? Well Farage has gone.

Yup. Nigel Farage has “done a Boris” and walked away from front line politics. Both Boris Johnson and Farage were at the forefront of the leave the EU campaign. And now both, after helping secure the vote went the way they wanted, have walked away. Job done.

Only it bloody isn’t is it? We’ve yet to formally trigger Article 50 which would announce our intentions to leave the EU. We’ve made zero progress on neogotiating the terms of leaving the EU. Basically we’re in an even bigger mess than we were in two weeks back.

It galls the hell out of me that these politicians can do this. Imagine if we did something like this in our day to day lives? It’d be like going in to KFC, ordering food, and then walking out without taking the food with you. I was worried this would happen before as it was one of my big issues with the leave campaign. To my mind everyone who campaigned publicly to vote leave has a duty to see it through to the end. To do any less than that is to be a coward and to shy away from the hard work. Then again this is Nigel Farage we’re on about so I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything from him should I?

How can we, as a nation, be expected to take responsibility for voting out of the EU when the politicians who helped lead us to that decision have waltzed off at the earliest opportunity?

It’s a frankly shocking example to set. It’s also led to a very strange state of affairs. Long time readers of my i3t articles know my hatred and loathing for Micheal Gove. Somehow, all of this, has made me feel a tiny bit of empathy towards him. He campaigned for out and now he’s campaigning to be the new Tory party leader. At least he’s taken responsibility for his actions and he’s trying to own them. It’s unlikely he’ll get elected as Tory leader, and therefore PM, as even the majority of his own party hate him. It’s still a frankly insane state of affairs when you feel Gove is the only one doing the decent thing.

In these uncertain times we all need to take a collective responsibility for what happens. And we also need to make sure that those like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson NEVER get to wield any kind of political power or have any kind of say ever again. Vote Boris out as soon as possible and stop listening to Farage and he’ll vanish in a puff of smoke.

Learn the lessons of the past few weeks and try to pick politicians who might, just might, stand by their actions.