i3t Classics – An Introduction

Hello! And welcome to isthisthetruth?Classics. This section is going to be a sadly all too short series of repostings from the original isthisthetruth site. In an ideal world I’d be hoping too repost the entire original site content but sadly with the way our original hosting company abandoned us, combined with a major hard drive failure, only a handful of original i3t articles have survived. These however are being lovingly remastered and will all be brought to you over the coming weeks. It’s a rather strange experience looking back at our writings from all those years ago. We were so young!

As for what’s to expect? A lot of the usual really. Expect rantings, ravings, moans, groans and insights. Plus the original pilot of the Podcast will hopefully be uploaded in due course (I’m awaiting permission from the co-host). Over the coming weeks expect articles entitled “Respect prevails” “Those Damn Trains…” and “Anarchy. A Natural Order?”

I’m hoping I can perform a Lazerus job and revive an old Hard Drive I have which should contain a fair bit more content. I’m also going to upload a few bits I’ve written for other sites over the years in this category. Hopefully The Analyst and Mongoose will be doing the same so we can bring you a complete, albeit warped, look into some local history.