i3t Classics – Those Damn Trains

Hello. And welcome to the first full edition of i3t Classics! Today’s blast form the past is “Those Damn Trains…” originally written in November 2005. I thought this would be a good place to begin given that the isthistheSolution? Trains article is doing well. Scarily well in fact! As you’re about to read it would appear my love/hate relationship with public transport is something that seems to have shaped my life. And I really do like to rant! Oh and a final aside… That girl I mentioned meeting at the end of the article? If I was a romantic I’d say we’re now married. As it stands I don’t think I actually ever saw her again and I’m damned if I can even remember her name.

Those damn trains…


Okay if you’re reading this, this is an advance warning. I’m about to have a moan. Quite a big moan actually. If that’s not to your taste just check back in a few days for the next update. If you’re still reading this I’ll let you know now that this story does have a happy ending so maybe that will entice you to keep reading. If you just want the happy ending skip to the last paragraph.

For my University course I have to do placements in a work place and in doing so I have to rely on the oxymoron that is… Public Transport. Day one. The Journey there. All is well. The bus to catch the train to catch the taxi. All on time so I’m on time. Then it came to getting home… Got the taxi to train bit okay. Then came the problems… The train I went to catch was cancelled due to “it not arriving to leave again.” I kid you not. They were the words used by the station manager. When asked why it had not arrived he said he didn’t know and wasn’t sure where it was. In other words he’d magically lost a train. HOW THE HELL DID HE LOSE IT?! It runs on rails. Follow the rails for far enough and bingo! You’ve got a train. Unfortunatly the irony was lost on the station guy. By this point I was getting cold and tired. Then it came time for the next train which was… “delayed due to technical problems on the train.”

When the train eventually rolled up we were all expected to get on depite the fact that the train was still suffering from technical isues. After boarding the train we finally found out the problem… the safety break was stuck in the on position so we couldn’t get above 10 miles an hour. So in the end a 20 minute journey took nearly 3 hours. By the time I got home i was cold, tired, hungry and extremely pissed off. Those damn bloody trains!!

For those looking for the happy ending here it is… because the train was delayed I got to meet a very cute girl. We swapped numbers and are meeting this Saturday for a couple of drinks and who knows? Damn trains they may be but for reviving my ailing lovelife I’ll be damned!

Remember… May The Truth Be With You… Always