i3t – Election Day 2019

I was going to look at each Parties Manifesto. But seeing as we live in a world where truth and facts don’t actually appear to mean anything anymore? Im not sure I see the point. A good soundbite, whether factual or not, is all what Politics has been reduced to.

That and the fact that I’ve rather left it all to the last minute.

Come tomorrow one of three things will have happened:

The Conservatives will have won the election giving us Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Their Manifesto is very much more of what we’ve experienced this past decade that they’ve been in power. They’re going to be increasing police numbers and NHS spending but crucially not to a point it was before they took power. Not even close.

So if they win we can expect more cuts to education, health, and other front line services although if their Manifesto is to believed the cuts will at least be at a slightly lower level. What’s hidden in their Manifesto however is that certain mental health and programs to support adults with learning difficulties are only funded until 2022 then they got nothing. Quite why the press haven’t picked that up yet I’ve no idea.

Labour will win giving us Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. Now don’t assume this is going to be more of life like it was under Tony Blair. The Labour Party today is unrecognisable to New Labour back then.

If they win we’re going to see a massive renationalisation scheme of the Railways and Power Industries the likes of which has never been seen. Effectively it’ll undo a lot of the selling off of industries that happened under Maggie Thatchers Tory Government back in the 1980s. It’s radical. Is it too radical? Perhaps. Business rates will go up as will corporation tax which is how he intends to fund this big scheme. That could potentially see businesses leave the U.K. but crucially even after Corbyn raises the rates we will still have lower tax levels than almost all the rest of Europe and they’ll still be a lower rate than when David Cameron became PM back in 2010.

We’ll also see bigger spending increases across things like the NHS.

Thirdly? And to be honest this is going to be my prediction? We will see yet another hung parliament with no clear majority. This is when the deals come in.

Last time Theresa May struck a deal with the DUP in Northern Ireland. Their support in Parliament in exchange for a billion quid investment into Northern Ireland. Or Bribery as anyone sensible calls it.

If we have a hung parliament it’ll be interesting to see who does the deals with who to get to a majority. The SNP and Labour would be a fairly safe bet but at what cost? If it’s a second independence referendum then that almost certainly will see Scotland leave the U.K. which will insure that, come the next election, The Tories will win.

DUP, Brexit Party, and the Lib Dem’s might all do a deal to prop up Boris. But where would that leave his mandate? He’d be seen as weak. Not that that would ever stop him from doing whatever the hell he wants. Boris is a man who little things like truth or the law don’t ever seem to stop.

As much as it should really be a none issue this election has been all about Brexit.

So let’s take a look at the two main parties stances. Boris wants Brexit as soon as possible. There are some dodgy reasons as to why including avoiding new laws the EU are brining in next year to go after those who avoid paying tax that he and his cronies, especially the billionaires who run the newspapers, would soon be forced to pay.

And let us not forget that Boris’s shiny “new” Brexit deal is almost identical to Theresa Mays deal apart from the removal of the word “adequate” at a rather key point.

Then there’s Corbyn who actually has a sensible plan on Brexit. It’s to negotiate a better deal for Brexit and then to put that deal vs staying in the EU up for a national referendum so we could all have a final say in the matter. Crucially unlike the first referendum this one will be legally binding.

Throughout this process he’d personally stay neutral working under the idea that someone neutral would be the best pair of hands to do this. It’s sensible and it makes sense. But is sensible what people really want right now? It doesn’t look that way.

So today if you’re still a floating voter ask yourself one question. Just one. Is the country better or worse than it was a decade ago. The answer to that simple question should decide who you vote for. Everything else is just noise.

If you think your area is better off? Vote Tory. They’ve been in charge the last ten years so you’ll be voting for more of the same.

If, however, you think it’s worse off? Vote Labour. It really is that simple.

I look around me and the choice is clear. A decade back I’d never even heard of a food bank. Now there are 4 local to me helping people who really are struggling to make ends meet. How can it be right that people are working full time yet still can barely afford to live once you factor in bills? Jacob Rees-Mogg from the Tories said they just need to get better paid jobs. Which shows a total lack of understanding of what it’s like out there. There are no better paid jobs to be had. The fact he’s acknowledging that there are jobs that need to be done but doesn’t believe people who do those jobs deserve to be paid enough to live on is shocking. It’s no wonder they’ve kept him quiet this election campaign.

There’s 22,000 less police officers on the street, NHS departments including A&Es have been shut all across the country and those that remain have had their funding slashed yet have been expected to treat double and triple the patients.

Sure Start is gone. They provided centres all around the country to help children from some of the most disadvantaged areas in our country to get a decent start in life. Education funding has also been slashed.

Local councils too are struggling. One council near me has seen their funding cut by 70% since 2010. Yet they’re still expected to keep the same level of service. It’s just not possible is it?

Despite Austerity for a decade National Debt has tripled. How is that even possible? I just don’t get it.

There are countless other examples.

Grenfell was a massive tragedy. There are 100s Of other tower blocks with the same kind of cladding around the country that are now known to be deathtraps but the Government have refused any help in terms of funding to remove it. They even tried to pin the deaths on the Fire Brigade. When Boris was Mayor of London he shut down the two fire stations closest to Grenfell. Would having a fire engine there five minutes quicker have made a difference? We’ll never know.

There’s also been no charges brought on those who passed the cladding as safe. It obviously wasn’t yet someone said it was and that decision cost a lot of lives.

Then there’s the terror attack from a few weeks back. By an already convicted terrorist who, if the law wasn’t changed in 2012 by the Conservatives (Theresa May to be exact), wouldn’t have been released yet from his earlier conviction so he wouldn’t have been free to have been able kill those two people. It’s come out over 50 other convicted terrorists have also been set free by the Tories. And on top of that? The re-radicalisation courses they were doing in prison have zero evidence of actually being effective.

So again I ask you has the country around you gotten better or worse since 2010? That’s the only question that matters. And that should be what informs your vote.