i3t – Headline Analysis 01 – Monday 22nd May 2017

With the General Election a little over two weeks away, and with my Manifesto analysis only days away, I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m going to be casting my critical eye over the Newspapers and see how their front page headlines are when rated for factual  accuracy. Somehow I think we all know where this is going but still… Might be a laugh? We’ll start with today’s Sun.

Now the main headline here is about a waitress who claimed to have been sacked because she allegedly slept with actor Orlando Bloom. Not really an election matter. The only bit about the election is ‘IRA pal Corbyn blasted’ which says that Corbyn refuses to single out the IRA for criticism of their bombing campaign. The reason? He said he criticised ALL uses of bombs during the troubles in Northern Ireland by those on both sides of the divide. Quite how this makes him a ‘pal’ of the IRA I have no idea. To me it makes him a decent human being.

The Daily Mail went with the same story saying now that he refused five times to unequivocally condemn the IRA. No. As we saw on The Sun’s headline he refused to single them out. He said all bombs are bad. Why single out oneside for condemnation over the other when both used bombs against innocent people? He condemned both sides as both sides used bombs. Not sure what we can rate the Daily Mail with here but factual accuracy scores lowly whilst their bullshit rating is high.

Next up is my newspaper of choice. They say you can tell a lot about a person by which newspaper they read. I read The Metro which says I’m too cheap to actually pay for a newspaper and I use public transport as they’re given away for free across this fine land of ours. The headline here is accurate. It mentions that the Tories lead in opinion polls has plumetted so they plan to launch a series of scathing personal attacks against Corbyn. To me if you’re resorting to name calling you’ve already lost your argument morally. Unfortunately politics doesn’t work like that. The Tory Party are once again The Nasty Party aren’t they?

Points to the Metro for being relatively neutral and sticking to the facts.

Next up The Times covering The Tories Manifesto pledge to tackle the rising coat of social care for the elderly. In a nutshell it means state pension payments could potenially fall in future and that when old people die the Government will have the power to sell their homes to get the money back for the care they received whilst they were still alive. Its proved unpopular and this article covers that. Reading the full article it begins to lose marks for bias but so far is the best of the paid for papers.

The Telegraph also leads with the story of Corbyn refusing to single out the IRA for their campaign on bombing. We’ve discussed this story before and it does score lowly for being anything close to truthful.

Finally, for today, we’re looking at the Mirror who have a very interesting story on their front page. It turns out that Theresa Mays campaign manager has been doing some dodgy tax dealings through offf shore firms. The kind of firms that May claims to be against. On the face of it this is a shocking story as it show’s a certain hypocrisy within the Tory Party however the guy didn’t do anything illegal. Don’t get me wrong I believe it’s totally immoral that those rich enough can get away with paying less tax with the rest of us but it happens and it’s legal for them to do so. 

The Mirror then score highly for factual accuracy but lose something for their anti-Tory bias. 
Hopefully this has proven a useful article that can help you all see through the rubbish and crap and find the nugget of pure, unbiased, truth there is behind the headlines.