i3t – Local Elections Ahoy!

It’s time to take a little break from all this Brexit Brollocks to talk about the local elections as large parts of this fine country of ours are taking to the polls this Thursday.

Now, before I go any further, I feel I should expose my political colours and leanings first. I’m as a general rule against all of the main parties. The Conservatives aren’t in touch with modern society or even Victorian society for that matter, Labour finally have a good leader in Jeremy Corbyn but he’s no support from his party and as for the Lib Dems? They haven’t a Clegg to stand on after selling their soul to the Tories.

A lot of people have their party who they vote for every election without looking at the policies. My old neighbours were like that. They ALWAYS vote Tory as they believe a higher class of people vote Tory. A hell of a lot of people vote like this.

With the local elections on the horizons I thought it might be a bit of an idea to address this. Having said that if you’re actually taking the time to read this I’m pretty certain I’ll be preaching to the choir here.

For starters if you are unhappy with the job the Conservatives are doing running the country (which given the situation with the junior doctors for starters should be just about everyone with a consciences) that is no reason to NOT vote Tory locally. The reverse is also true. If you think Jeremy Corbyn looks like a man who could change the face of British politics for the better (and I sincerely hope he can) it is still okay to vote against Labour at the local level. Or Liberal.

The key word here is local.

I’ll give you an example.

In Nottingham City, home of the old Space-command before we escaped north, the ruling Labour council have been proven several times to be a bit… Suspect shall we say?

So in Nottingham, I’d urge you to vote Labour for national elections BUT for this local election vote Tory or anyone really other than Labour.

If you live in a village where there are arguments over a bypass vote for whichever party best reflects your own opinion on the matter even if that means going against what you perceive your political colours to be.

An example of this is here in South Yorkshire. The ruling Labour local council want to take down a lot of trees that they think are unsafe where as the Liberals want to save the trees. Vote on this issue if it matters to you. It’s an issue that could be on your street.

Get to know each parties stance on local issues and vote local.

I know I’d love to see David Cameron get a bloody nose with a massive Tory defeat at the local level on Thursday. And I’m sure most of you would too. But vote local!

As for who I’m going to be voting for on Thursday? Well I’ll be doing what I always do. Finding someone with a daft name from an obscure party like the Abolish Speed-bumps Party. Yes we had that one around here once.

And I do urge you to vote. Politics, while of little interest to a great many, is something that effects all of us in every aspect of our lives.

We have the right to vote and we should use that right to vote in this election on local issues!

And when the next general election comes along? That will be when we give Cameron and his Conservative cronies comeuppance.

nb – In some parts of the country we can also vote for Police Commision this Thursday. For that vote for ANYONE named Jim Gordon whose sole policy is to put a Bat-symbol on every police station. If it works in Gotham…