i3t Reviews Ghostbusters (2016)

The original Ghostbusters is, without a doubt, one of my favourite films of all time. It’s, in a word, a masterpiece that blends humour and horror in to one kick ass package. So with this in mind it’s fair to say I was cautiously optimistic over the reboot. I didn’t get the massive backlash over the gender switching of the ‘Busters nor did I get the hatred shown towards the trailers for the remake.

Now the film is out that toxic part of the fan community is still there, and still very vocal, saying all good reviews of the film are biased because they don’t want to seem sexist. Well… I’m here, I’m a life long Ghostbusters fan, and I’m here to tell you that this film is awesome. I’m not saying that as I’m worried to go against the trend. I’m saying that because, in the highest praise I can possibly give, the new film is worthy of the name Ghostbusters.

The film has a great many parrells with the original but it also stands very well on it’s own. If you know the first two films inside out, especially Ghostbusters 2 for which there were many nods, you’ll love the little love letters. If you’ve never seen, or even heard, of a Ghostbuster before you’ll still enjoy it.

The original cast of the 1984 movie are all back in cameos with Bill Murrey’s being of particular note. More on that in a later, spoilerific review, but my new self imposed Spaceman Review Policy is that I’m going to avoid spoilers until at least 6 weeks from films release dates.

What this film does is leave you smiling from ear to ear. Ray Parker Jr’s theme song is there, there are Proton Packs, traps, and ECTO One. All familiar yet all also feeling fresh and new.

The chemistry between the cast is brilliant too. These are all very funny women who were all regulars on US tv’s Saturday Night Live. That’s also where the original’s cast became famous too. It works.

The special effects, which granted in the trailers looked more than a little underwhelming, actually shine. I still prefer the originals more practical look but that’s the rose tints talking.

All in all then this has to be the surprise, feel good, film of the summer and one that’ll ensure we ain’t afraid of no Ghosts for years to come.