i3t – Show Me The Manifestos!

It’s been about two weeks since PM Theresa May announced the snap General Election and there is definitely something missing. Not one single party have released their Manifesto as yet which, to me, is bloody shocking.

noun: manifesto; plural noun: manifestos
a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.
I’m surprised that The Tories haven’t released their Manifesto. You’d have thought that Theresa May and her party would have used the heads up of knowing that they were calling an early election to have their Manifesto ready to go. Only… It’s not been released yet has it?
Labour and all the other parties at least have the excuse that they only officially found out about this snap election the same time as the general public. You’d have thought they’d have one ready though just in case wouldn’t you?
With the election a little over a month away we still have no clue as to what each party will officially be promising. However there are a few intersting bits of information out there that needs to be shared far and wide.
There is the not-so-little matter of Election Fraud at the last General Election in 2015. There are now 15 different Police Forces that have handed files to the Crown Prosecution Service that are likely to bring about charges which relate to 30 standing MPs. The issue here is that they lied about their spending at the last election which is a criminal offence. The Police Forces in question are Avon & Somerset, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Kent, Lincolnshire, Metropolitan, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, West Mercia, West Midlands, and West Yorkshire. There are lists circling around online of the MPs in question but they aren’t official so may not be accurate. The most these MPs will be looking at is a £20,000 fine. Pretty hefty but it isn’t prison time.
By calling the election early, and as long as all the MPs involved play by the rules this time, it’ll be another election so effectively speaking the issue will go away. Could Theresa May have called this election just to avoid a big political scandal? It’s certainly possible and I think would definitely have been a factor in her decision to hold an early Election.
When the Manifestos do finally appear I shall be casting my critical eye over each one and reporting on them for this site. There are guess work ideas on what will be in the Manifestos but I’m only going to comment on facts as much as possible. There as far too much fake news out there. As such I’m also giving this section a new tag line. “IsThisTheTruth? Real Opinion in a Fake News World.” Catchy isn’t it?
I’ll also be commenting on any leaflets and fliers that arrive through my door. So far only the Liberal Democrats have pushed one through which was the newsletter from our local councilor. And it’s bad. A direct quote was “A lot of you support the new 20 mile an hour speed limits and we support them too. However if you’re not happy with them please let us know and we can help stand up for you.” So yeah… The local Lib Dems. Diligently contradicting themselves in an attempt to stay popular and relevant. Great times.
That’s all for today but keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be covering this election, especially the Manifestos, as much as possible.