i3t – The World Has Gone Mad

This week I have been preparing an article on the Chilcot Report which looked in to the legality and the reasons of the 2003 Iraq war. Unlike pretty much every other blog and news site out there I’ve actually attempted a half decent stab at reading the damn thing. Recent, horrific, events however have meant that that article is going to have to wait.

Thursday night saw possibly the most blunt and barbaric terror attack in France in reason times. Over 80 were killed and countless more were injured when a madman drove a truck, a high speed, through a pedestrian area where people were celebrating Bastille Day which is France’s national holiday.

The rampage only ended when the driver was shot by the French police. I’m usually a take-them-alive kind of guy as it shows that our way of life is better but in this instance? They had no option and they did the right thing.

Then last night reports came in of an attempted Military coup in Turkey. This morning, as I type, there is a lot of confusion as to exactly what happened but the Government is now in control again and reports number several hundred dead and several thousand injured.

These are indeed troubling times throughout Europe. These kind of attacks are happening with an ever great frequency and yet I’ve noticed something. When the Charlie Hebdo attack happened in France in January last year, which saw Islamic Terrorists murdered a dozen in a satirical newspaper office in Paris, and the following related shootings that left nearly 20 people dead the world banded as one with Je Suis Charlie the global mantra.

In Novemeber last year 130 innocent people were murdered in a series of attackts in Paris. There were several suicide bombers plus the brutal shooting of 89 in the Bataclan Theatre who were at an Eagles of Death Metal concert. We changed our profile pictures to the French flag and the Western World mourned as one.

Last months killing of 49 in a gay Orlando nightclub saw the world turn in to a rainbow in solidarity. If you check back in the i3t archive you can find my reactions to that one.

Now with the attack in Nice it seems that social media is growing apathetic to the ever increasing number of terror attacks. There hasn’t been the mass out pouring of grief. It’s been much more a case of “here we go again.”

A few weeks over 300 innocent people were killed in Iraq when suicide bombers blew themselves up at a market Baghdad whilst their “colleagues” conducted a coordinated shooting. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that this happened, however, as it barely warranted a mention on the news. Just think about that for a second. Over 300 innocent people were killed, just for carrying out their day to day lives, and no one over here bats an eye lid. That’s 6 times as many as were killed in Orlando and twice as many as were killed in the November 2015 Paris attacks.

There is definitely a bias in the media that if an attack doesn’t happen in the Western world it isn’t really worth reporting on. ALL innocent life matters. It doesn’t matter what country terror attacks take place, what nationality the victims are, I will always make sure that they get the respect they deserve.

The world has definitely become a dark and uncertain place of late. We must band together, in solidarity, and show that the power of hope is stronger than that of hate.

We need to become a united planet, regardless of race, colour, creed, and especially religion, and if we can manage that? We’d have world peace tomorrow. That’s the most depressing aspect of this isn’t it? If we could only get along not one more innocent life need ever be taken again.