i3t – Stepping Off The Fence (Election 2017)

We need to talk about this election. I wanted my election coverage to be as impartial as possible. I wanted to present the facts, as much as we can know them, and then leave it up to you to decide how to vote. I wanted to be the guy sat on the fence.

But I can no longer do that in good conscience. It’s time I got off the fence and picked a side.

There are bigger issues that need to be addressed here. Facts that need to be publicised. And truths that must be told.

Firstly Theresa May. With another Terror attack in London over the weekend, another tragic and senseless loss of life, she says we need to fight IS in Syria and Iraq. The thing is though… These attacks happened on HER watch. On HER watch as Home Secretary police numbers fell by over 20,000. On her watch as Home Secretary these extremist, many of which were born and raised in the UK, managed to slip through the system undetected to carry out their atrocious actions. On HER watch as Prime Minister we have seen three terrorist attacks in the space of just three months. Whatever she is doing it is NOT working. Frankly if I failed my job so spectacularly I’d be facing the sack so rather than elect her this Thursday we should be demanding her resignation.

The Police Federation warned her at the time that the level of cuts imposed would leave us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack and look what happened? At the time she accused them of crying wolf. I wish she was right, as if she was right there wouldn’t have been a single innocent death, but she was wrong and her mistake helped contribute to all those deaths and injuries. Lives forever lost and changed because some woman in Whitehall thought I can save a few quid. We don’t need all these coppers after all do we?

It gets worse. In April of this year Theresa May flew to Saudi Arabia that saw a deal signed selling them over ¬£3Billion worth of weapons including guns, missiles, rockets, pretty much you name it. The issue with that? The Saudi Arabian Government sell a lot of weapons to the so called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Our soldiers fighting over there are fighting a terrorist group with weapons that were bought (through a third party in the form of the Saudi government) from our own government. How the hell is this right? Why the hell are most of the press completely ignoring this fact. It’s all a matter of public record and it is shameful that she did this. The Saudi government also help run training camps for Al Qaeda. That’s also a fact so we’re helping train them too indirectly.

How can she sleep at night knowing this? I’d genuinely like to know.

When it comes to the election itself she refused, point black, to directly debate leader of Labour Jeremy Corbyn or any of the other leaders. She’s refused repeatedly to get involved directly with the public. Any newspaper who wants to interview her has to have all of their questions pre approved by her team so there is almost zero chance of anyone getting to ask her something she doesn’t like. Are these the actions of someone who should be negotiation our exit from the EU? A woman who won’t even debate with the leader of the opposition? No. They’re the actions of a coward who we definitely can not trust. Leaked memos have revealed that she has a nickname amongst the senior Tory party. She’s called “the submarine” as whenever anything bad happens she tries to dip under the service and hide away. Again are these the actions of a woman you want as a leader at this most important time in our history?

What about companies like Starbucks and Amazon avoiding paying tax in the UK? How do they do that? Well her husband Philip May is a senior executive for Captial Group. They’re the investment company that facilitates these big companies tax avoidance schemes. It’s not illegal but it’s highly immoral. And surely that’s a conflict of interest? The Prime Minister says she wants to crack down on tax avoiding firms that her husband helped avoid tax in the first place? This should not be allowed to happen should it?

In April 2016, when David Cameron was still the PM, she voted AGAINST tighter measures on these tax avoidance schemes.

The woman claims to be “strong and stable” but with her repeated u-turns she appears to be anything but.

She’s strong support in the mainstream press, especially the newspapers, who are all owned by Tory party backers. If she wins the election she says she’ll scrap Leveson Part Two aka a further inquiry in to wrong doings within the press. Of course they’re going to back her. Backing her is a get out of jail free card for them! Plus those who own the newspapers stand to be even better off should she win the election. Again this is another concrete, indisputable, fact.

Donald Trump recently pulled America out of the Paris Accord which is a treaty signed by many nations to help cut pollution, especially air pollution, and all May said was that she was “disappointed.” A collection of other world leaders signed an open letter against Trump’s decision. In fact 80 Mayors of various US cities have also vowed to ensure that their cities still operate under the Paris accord. But all Theresa May said was she was “disappointed.”

Ever since 2010, when the Tories took power and she was made Home Secretary, she promised to reduce immigration down¬† to a number “in the tens of thousands.” In 2015, the most recent year we have good figures for, the number was up to 333,000 people coming to live here from overseas. That’s not exactly a good track record is it?

Do you remember 2014? There was a massive, massive, back log in the processing of passports, both new and renewals, that ended up taking people up to six months to get a passport. It should take, at most, six weeks. Guess what? She was Home Secretary then so that was on her watch too.

The woman has proven, repeatedly, that she can not be trusted. Cuts to police funding that she was directly responsible for have resulted in over 20,000 less Police Officers, including 1,00 less armed officers, on our streets. She’s brokered deals that have seen weapons sold to a country who then re-sells them to IS and Al Qaeda.

How can anyone with a concious vote for this woman?

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for on Thursday but all I know is that it is crystal clear, when faced with the stone cold hard facts, that there is one candidate who we can not trust to run the country any longer. Don’t vote Conservative and do not vote for Theresa May