Installing Lubuntu 14.04 on a Pentium M laptop Part 2

Welcome back to My Lubuntu install on a Pentium M Series laptop.

Lubuntu 14.04 WiFi Not Showing 

Next I have the LXDE Desktop environment up and running. Everything seems to be fine. Only I can’t connect to the internet!

No WiFi applet at all in the corner of the Desktop where I would expect it to be. After scratching my head and looking around the programs installed i read this is actually a bug in the Lubuntu distribution. This to me is an unforgivable bug. Surely getting connected is the first thing you want to do.. 

So i go to terminal and call up the wifi app myself


If it’s not installed you may have to get a LAN wire and install the Wifi from Software Center or apt-get

Now I am able to connect.. You would think that this install is pretty much done. Untill i took Firefox for a spin.


FireFox Address Bar Grayed Out

The Address bar was grayed out whenever I used it to try typing something.

After a bit of research (it’s getting late now) I find that the way to fix this one is to head to the following






Then go label this false. Restart Firefox and it’s good to go.


That was pretty much my Install experience. It was certainly was not an easy install.

Not the kind of plug and play that Linux like you to believe their operating systems have. 

I would like to stress however that this is a new OS working on an older machine. The difficulty level was maybe due to trying to put something quite modern onto something quite old

The end result however is a laptop that my family member can use, and that has plenty of time left with free automatic security updates. This is certainly an upgrade over XP which wasn’t being updated. Also I left the XP installation on the hard disk should Lubuntu not be the right way for this person. 

 Here’s Lenny Lubuntu’s Mascot He will listen to me ramble about this horribly complicated install Won’t you Lenny?