Installing Lubuntu 14.04 on a Pentium M laptop

Last month presented me with a new technical challenge. I was handed an old Windows XP laptop from a family member. The main issue being that it was running slow. After explaining Windows XP was no longer been supported by Microsoft and that my relative would be better off running a version of Linux I went about choosing which flavor. 


The task here was to migrate someone with (and i’m sorry if they read this) very little in the way of technical knowledge. My relative would not be the type of person who would ever use the control panel on windows let alone the command line in Ubuntu. It wasn’t that long ago since the idea of the command line struck me with fear. Thankfully after a lot of repeated use that is slowly changing. But in short I needed this laptop to be pick up and go. 


It needed to be able to browse Facebook and play Youtube Video’s and be pretty easy to work out the box. 

There’s two blogs worth out of this… So if you guessed that it didn’t go smoothly you probably guessed right. 


1st Issue – Can’t boot from USB Some older PC’s Don’t 

The only thing i could do here was burn myself a CD for the Lubuntu. Thankfully I could boot from CD at least as far as the first menu. When i clicked try Ubuntu I met another roadblock. This one required some research. 


2nd issue Laptop doesnt support pae


Yep, A big old error message. But there is a simple(ish) way around. 

I found this in Ubuntu’s own help forums 

Enable forcepae for older machines

Boot the 32-bit Ubuntu (in this case Lubuntu) from CD
“Choose your language” popup appears. Use the cursor keys and hit the Enter key to choose your language
Press F6, a grey menu will popup with some boot options
Press escape to close the window
You will now see a line that says:

Boot Options file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash —

Edit this line and add the forcepae parameter to the end:

Boot Options file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash — forcepae

So I checked the laptop could load Lubuntu without installing. It could.. All looked good for the installation. But more problems were to be faced before this one became workable.. 

This one is.. 


To Be Continued