Into The Woods (2014) Review

I have been planning to revamp our review section for some time. But no film made me feel strongly enough about it one way or another to take to the Spaceman.

This one did and not really in a good way. This really is a film of two haven’t.

The first hour of the film is responsible for the 2 stars out of 5. The early parts with Johnny Depp’s Wolf and the musical number with the two princes had me laughing.

Then it went downhill fast. I get the moral backbone of the film. No one is perfect. But this film doesn’t seem to know where it’s heading. The ugly sisters amputate parts of their foot to fit the slipper! The bakers wife is at it with one of the princes?!

What a mess!

This film can’t decide if it’s a dark look at fairytales (which would have been refreshing) or a run of the mill Disney musical. It just doesn’t mesh.

That said once you’ve seen hour one you feel obliged to reach the end. I cant deny being a little released when that end came.

The second half did give me my favourite line from whole film.

“My Mother taught me to be charming not sincere”

If only it hadn’t lost momentum in that 3rd act.

Review Score 2/5