Introducing – Gaming from the Princess Castle



Hello Spaceman readers!


I am writing from the princess tower near Beware the Spaceman headquarters and would like to introduce myself the newest guest writer of the BTSM team… and yes…. I am a Woman.


You can call me Princess Specki (on account of I am a princess, I wear glasses and my name is Becky)


Over the next 6 guest blogs I’m going to write about the games I enjoy playing on. They were available on the systems I own the play station 1, 2 and 3. The best console for casual gaming the Wii and some older ones on the old Sega Mega Drive.


I feel my view on games will be different to what your used to here on BTSM. Because Gaming is not just for the guys.



Here is what is coming over the next 6 Tuesdays


Wii – Just Dance – this is the game to have if you have family and friends over. It’s a laugh


Mega Drive – The Lion King – I loved this game as a kid. In week two i’m going to revisit it.


Wii Zumba 2 – A fun way to keep fit with a good soundtrack. I’ts lots of fun!


Play-station One – Crash Bandicoot – Sony’s PS1 great platform game.


Wii Dancing Stage hottest Party – one of the few Wii games to use the dance matt. Reminded me of the old PS1 games.


PS3 – The Sims Three – It’s a game set like a big doll house. We are looking at this one in number 6