Is there a typical wrestling fan (Wrestling Analyst Spring 1of9)


I have watched professional wrestling since I was a five year old child.

My great grandad I am told was a wrestling fan, as was my grandad (world of sport preferred and later WWE/TNA).

We were all wrestling fans but not all watching the same kind of wrestling.

The basic questions go unanswered.

What exactly is Pro Wrestling, and what is the typical wrestling fan.


I side with the opinion of Late entertainer Andy Kaufman who described wrestling as a form of theatre.

He was able to sell out the Mid South coliseum (a 10 000 seat venue) with a match everybody knew could never really happen.


In essence Wrestling is the simplest form of theatre. A morality play that often says much about the society that creates it.


Take a look at a tape from a WWE event in say 1994 compared to 1998 then compare that to one today.


Which brings me to the typical wrestling fan. Simply put there isn’t one.


That is something that I think is regularly forgotten.

For too long wrestling has been seen as a form of entertainment for the lower classes. Until recently there was a reluctance to print books about wrestling under the assumption that most wrestling fans can’t or don’t read.

Don’t get me wrong Shakespeare it ain’t but Wrestling has and always will be a lot of fun.


Right now the target WWE fan is the youngster that will buy the toys and nag for the next sky expensive PayPerView. TNA are playing for the outcast audience that resent this change in mainstream direction. (more on that in the coming Thursdays)



The wrestling business changes and evolves. Hoping one day to reach that goal of being once again mainstream entertainment.

Recently it hasn’t been that far off.

In the meantime I plan to watch, enjoy and like all good wrestling fan’s analyse.

This blog is not going to be Wrestling News in the traditional sence. There are many sites wout there covering just that. Here we plan to bring you an in depth wrestling colum looking at various parts in wrestling history. In the coming weeks we will be looking at morality in wrestling and the role of the wrestling hero.


So join me right here on every Thursday.



The Wrestling Analyst