isthisthetruth? – A History

Way back in the autumn of 2003 I set up a site I called isthisthetruth. My original idea was that the internet (or the information superhighway as we called it back then) could function both as a way to vent my feelings at the world and to get in touch with other like minded individuals. I guess nowadays you’d say it was a plan to have a social media style blog about current affairs, geek stuff, and anything else really that took my fancy. Although in 2003 there was no social media, no Facebook, no MySpace, no Twitter and no real widespread knowledge of what a “blog” was. So I guess you could have called the site groundbreaking. Or “geeky” and that now mainstream culture has geeked out enough to catch up. I’ll leave that to you…

At the start of the site I enlisted a friend, whose name as I’m waiting to here from him, to help me run the place and with content. He also provided the original site logo, which is after this paragraph. Soon after that Mongoose 3.1 also got involved. We ran the site for 2 years and had a few genuine scoops, the biggest of which was breaking the global news story that a major Hollywood production of The Da Vinci code was to be filmed in Lincoln where we all lived at the time.

During what I’m now going to call the wilderness years we had a small run of isthisthetruthcast, a podcast based on the original site, which will be relaunching soon so what this space!

Fast forward to December 2011 and Mongoose3,1 got in touch with me saying he wanted to start a new site, combining the best of all our previous efforts. He had the name… and here we are. isthisthetruth is back! Mongoose3,1 is back! We’ve new opinion from The Analyst too. So it’s change. But for once? Change is good.

So 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for a great many reasons. The Mayan’s conspiracies theories on the end of the world? The South of England London Screw Anywhere Further North than the M25 Olympics? The Dark Knight Rises? All things to get our backs up. America has an Election, North Korea is in the hands of a kid barely out of his teens, a kid with nukes, the world is looking to be a damn scary place. What is to be done?

Beware. That’s what. Beware the Spaceman!



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