Great Old Gaming Gems – Metal Gear Solid

I’m a little weird when it comes to stealth style action games. Generally speaking, I will not be too fussed about playing them. I’ll maybe play for an hour or two and not feel too fussed and then all of a sudden I’ll play the game to death. Once its completed, I’ll revert to my previous attitude of ‘meh’ when it comes to stealth games.


Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation was a lot of fun to play once you got into it but I think it probably was the game I got into fastest of the entire genre. I couldn’t ever really get into splinter cell and although I loved the first two assassin’s creed games I’ve never really got into them that quick. Even now I’ve not purchased the most recent games.

Metal gear solid was so easy to get into I think I spent about 5, maybe ten minutes at most before I really got into it. It is pretty immersive and the story is a lot of fun to get into, but even that isn’t the best thing about Metal Gear Solid.

This game likes to mess with you. As a player, not as a character in the game. For example, one of the boss characters you fight reads your saves and comments on the type of other games you play based on the saves on your memory card, he also ‘manipulates’ your control pad by making it rumble (assuming you have a pad that can rumble) which in its own way is pretty freaky.

The game itself is filled with all kinds of crazy little things that really make it enjoyable and once again, the main thing that makes this so special is that it does break the mould, it is different and it does take a player to new places. It is different and that’s the problem with a lot of games no matter what the year of manufacture or the console it is designed for.

Too many games copy, very few seem to inspire, innovate or develop. That is what great old gaming gems are about, picking up those games that have changed the way people play games and paved the way for even better games to come about. Metal Gear Solid is a unique game that meets all of these criteria. Go out and play it.