Mongoose Guests on I3T

No, it’s not i3t, this is a guest column from Me aka the Mongoose weighing in on the latest I3T series of articles.

I know that this will be unpopular to many but it perhaps demonstrates just how decisive this whole Brexit thing is, when it came time to put pencil to ballot paper my mark was for the exit.

Why I voted to Exit

It wasn’t an easy choice. There were good arguments for staying and good arguments for leaving. Most of these were covered superbly by i3t leading up to the vote on June 23rd last year.

My reasoning on the decision was summed up better recently by Sir Michael Caine.

“I would rather be a poor master than a rich slave.”

Something about trade decisions having to be agreed by 27 other countries just didn’t sit well with me.

I figured if we try going it alone and we fail… Well at least we are steering the ship. Such an exciting and yet frightening concept isn’t it? A word that I haven’t heard enough of is the word opportunity. Because that is the best way to look at this.

A Few Concerns

You will notice that my reasoning has nothing to do with immigration. I think this was a subject overplayed in the run up to June 23rd. There is also a small but vocal minority who used Brexit to push a campaign of hate. These are not Brexiters…

However labelling all those concerned about immigration as racist crosses a big line too.

I do worry when schemes like the Duds child refugee program are stopped. I think now more than ever we should have (and show) compassion.

Also I would like to see the rest of the EU do well after we leave. Because usually if they do well then so do we.

Going Forward

No matter which way you voted on June 23rd you likely did so because you felt you were doing the right thing. Now I just hope we get the right deal. I urge you to take a look at the government’s exit plans via the link below and draw your own conclusion.