Mongoose: The Public Transport Logs – Episode 1

A personal plea – Help save our Bumblef&ck railway!

So you live in Kirton and you want a day out. Got a dog? Got kids at school? Got other commitments?

Us non drivers are limited to Scunthorpe or Lincoln. Yes you can travel on from there but to get back the same day, well it's all not very practice is it?

Bus Wankers I call you to unite! (By bus wankers I don't mean people who wank on a bus – if you do and you're reading well unite anyway.. But stop that! I sit on those seats too you know!)

Anyways yes! Like the coloured Power Rangers forming their Megazord we should unite and use some of these local services available to us.

Did you know there was a train from Kirton to Cleethorpes or one to Sheffield?

Did you even know there was a railway station in Kirton at all?

I was joined on my journey by @RufusEdwinson aka Andrew  (he keeps a dream diary over at ).

He has, however, decided to write under his real name now instead of a character…


Step into my office

Anyways we got on the one carriage along with the other travelers. All of us… One carriage… You get to know your fellow passengers intimately. Thankfully it was a two carriage train coming back with a bit of seating room.

But alas my point is its amazing that this service still runs at all through my small town next to nowhere particular.

So if there is one point of this article it is this.:

Thank you @northernrailorg There can be x amount of service to London, Liverpool, Manchester But to stop at Kirton in Lindsey shows you do care about the little guy.

And I have given them this feedback in 140 characters or less.

I did overhear the ticket guy say to a passenger:

“We would be okay to do this five days a week. Sadly the money isn't there.”

A real shame and I bet it's the same in most rural areas. Surely more trains should equal more customers right?

What about the students from Gainsborough, Kirton and Brigg that go to the university. Most would end up getting a railcard – come on save their parents the fuel cash and make some money while your at it.

More people going out to places like Sheffield or Cleethorpes to spend their money would help all those economies.

Getting too political here and that's this Mongoose's no go area...

I will be back in the near future with another Public transport day article.