Mongoose : Tulpa

So much has changed Spaceman.

So much that YOU came to me. YOU demanded I return. So here I am.


“You start something pure, something exciting then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.”


That is not just a quote from Iron Man 3 but a cold hard fact.


Take a look at the world around you. Look closely at the books we consume, the video games we play, the movies we watch.. perhaps.. the Internet screen that you are looking at right now!
Ask yourself what kind of a world they depict?
I have no doubt that fiction is much bleaker now than it ever used to be.

Art imitating life… Or perhaps the other way around?

I am not some kind of questionable moral authority on  right or wrong. Just a Mongoose posing  questions. I fully expect to be hated for what I have to say..

But you know what. I’m fine with that! Because the world needs someone ask.  

A great man once told me that every decision was a moral one. Never has that been more true.

So a Tulpa…

A  phantom, a demon that we have constructed ourselves. What starts in fiction becomes so real that it’s living, it’s breathing and it walks among us.
We Create our own Demons..
Does this sound familiar?

I will be back in touch Spaceman!