My Not so Easy Install

This is where Linux starts I guess for anybody. It comes down to me, a CD (or USB drive) and a PC. Important I guess because first impressions are important. Right now I had a lot of questions. Would I like the new operating system? Would it be easy to use? Would my family members take to it?


All these questions were made easier for me for a few reasons.

The first was that my PC was new. My old one had bit the dust a little earlier. The second reason. My new desktop had not come with a Windows licence. So I guested I would give this Ubuntu thing a go and if it didn’t work out I could always get myself a windows licence.


As I was installing from scratch my install would be slightly different from most. If I still had my Windows XP I would have probably gone through Wubi first. That way I could have been a little more confident that it wouldn’t have wiped away my Windows. If you are reading this and already have a Windows OS I advise you to back up any files you care about. (Wubi, duel OS too much? Keep reading in the coming weeks)


Here’s the good news! Installation is very, very simple. Better still it has improved since my first play with Natty. If you have the internet plugged in, it’ll be very easy. It even partitions your drives to keep the Windows side there AND installs a boot-loader at the start… Easy right? I should have installed this way.


As I installed Linux Ubuntu first it would lead to trouble a little later. I shall document that next time.

For those of you wanting to give Linux a go I fully recommend just running the 14.04 installation. It’s suitable for most of today’s PC’s and it comes with a lot of applications that Windows users would normally pay for (more on those later).


Back to my open venture into the world of Linux. I put my disk in and followed the menu (most PC’s will boot from a bootable CD). Then I waited… and waited….

I was one of the unlucky few. I would need to immediately venture into the world of the alternative install CD. Turns out by third party graphics drivers were going to cause issues. It was a stumbling block that could off put me off open Linux right from the start..