My Road to …. House Show… Yeah

So, still not knowing exactly what I am going to see. But knowing it’s something that looks a lot like a RAW branded Live Event house special  show. A far cry from the WWE Special that was widely reported it came tome to book our trip to London.

Little tip for anyone using Wembley arena is not the 02 arena.. Just me?

Accommodation I got at £45 a room. That’s a little over travel lodge pricing. The problem is the 1/2hr late tube journey. Speaking  of the tube the best way to get that was to order a days tube pass along with our train tickets. Once I had added the tube pass and the return rail travel from Scunthorpe (surprisingly cheap if you book early enough and to for Single Advanced Tickets) It comes to £100. Add the Wrestling ticket and were looking at £130.

For a trip to our capital that’s not so bad on price and I plan on taking in a few attractions while in London. I plan to over pack this trip and make it into a “London Wrestlemania”. 1/2 the fun of Wrestlemania was seeing Dallas, the same way 1/2 the fun here will be re visiting London.

As far as the card for the house show  special. Exactly 1 month before and it’s still not being announced. Though I guess any announcement could spoil the results of WWE Summerslam.

More on the Live in London House Show Special as I hear it.