My Road To WrestleMania: An Evening With Hulk Hogan. Sheffield 14th November 2015

My Road to Wrestlemania hit.. What I consider as a big high point on the 14th November.
Wrestling Icon Hulk Hogan held “An evening with” event quite close by.


To begin with I was in two minds. Hulk Hogan is the biggest name in wrestling but this was a talk. There would certainly be no Wrestling involved. Plus I thought about all the times I had wrote here, like the column below where I kinda blame some of the recent decline of TNA to Hogan. Then there was all the recent scandals. I decided to give it a miss.


Then Groupon offered the same event at a £15 ticket. Now remember this was not a meet and great Hogan but an interview to be navigated by his legendary manager Jimmy Hart. What can I sat. The man is an Icon, I went for it..

Very Glad I did.

I expected an interview filled with “Spin,” on this legends career.

The Event started with a great video package reminding us of why Hogan was great in the first place. Yes I have always been a “Brett Hart” Guy as far as that era goes. But seriously the guy is to Wrestling what Christopher Reeve is it Superior movies. He headlined Wrestlemania for almost all of it’s first decade. Without it’s debatable that wrestling in it’s form today would even exist!


To my surprised Hogan took his chair and declared..


“Ask me Anything you like brother… Nothing is off limits”

A brave move, and something I didn’t expect him to do.
He continued all night speaking candidly and openly about much of his Career. There were some devoted fans with some strong opinions. Hogan navigated the whole event very well..

Hulk Hogan has appeared at 12 Wrestlemania Events

Event Costs
£15 Groupon Discounted Ticket
£15 Petrol approx (my brother drove this time)
£0.20 CDR to listen to Hogan’s “Real American” song on the way home….. Had to be done

Total £30.20