My Road to Wrestlemania: WWE NXT Sheffield Sat 12th Dec 2015


Once before, I sat in a crowd knowing I has watching a “hot” product. That was inside the Doncaster Dome at the height of the 1PW era of British Wrestling. Last Saturday night, the 12th December I had that feeling again watching WWE NXT. Much like the 1PW experience however, the NXT one raised questions for me.


Part the way through that show. While discussing what we thought with others around me.. I suddenly had the feeling that I wanted to leave the “smark” me at home more and just enjoy the show I was watching.


I think the issue came while watching some of the Wrestler I had seen earlier in the year perform for local promotion Southside Wrestling. I think it left me with too much of a sense of “smarkyness”. That I had somehow known these guys to be great before there WWE ever did. The fact of the matter is that as fans we are not really responsible for the wrestler’s success.


That said this show left me with an optimistic view. I want to enjoy wrestling, I want to take it at face value, and going into wrestlemania I want to be less critical and just enjoy the experience rather than over analysing the show.

But alas I am the Analyst.
Please Vince… Please Don’t give me Brom Strowman Vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania


Here’s the Event Costs

Train £14.40 (Kirton Lindsey To Sheffield)

NXT Ticket £22 (Supposedly restricted view but actually great seats)

Lift Home £10 (My Brothers good like that)

Hot Dog in Arena £3.45  (Due to increased security we went in early and I was hungry. Usually I would avoid Arena food)

Total £49.85