Retro Reaction #2 Nightmare and Dreams

The Death of a Dream

Welcome to Retro Reaction
It’s the end of January in the Year 2001. Sega Have just
announced the death of their  latest console after a
relatively short lifespan.

“We had a tremendous 18 months… Dreamcast was on fire –
 we really thought that we could do it….(it was) just not going to
be enough to get the critical mass to take on the launch  of PS2.
Somehow I got to make that call..
I had to fire a lot of people; it was not a pleasant day.”
Peter Moore COO Sega America

Such a short run. Was it Just all just a dream… Had dream”cast” turned into a
nightmare for it’s creators.


The beginning

It was an odd time to deliver a new console. Mid way through
the lifespans of both the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64.
Was it the odd timing that ultimately killed the machine.
Notable developers EA after losing
money on the early demise of the Saturn refused support for
the Dreamcast.

Hoping to snap up the new generation with launch titles Crazy Taxi
and Sonic Adventure Sega pressed ahead with the early launch.

As we discussed in reaction #1 Sonic never really worked in 3D
gaming. But the Dreamcast itself was an “Arcade port” at a time when
arcades were still massively popular.


The afterlife.

Here is where i have to be careful. The Dreamcast has benefited from
 early home brew adoption. There are many, many projects here.
All i can suggest you do is Google the terms “Dreamcast iso”
“Dreamcast  emulators,” “Dreamcast BOR mods” and
“Dreamcast linux”

Thanks to the home brew scene the Dreamcast has cheated death and
lives on as a Retro Return…

One … Two… Freddy’s coming for you…

Nightmare on Elm Street – REACTION TIME –

The year is 1994 Retro Fan’s. I’ve sneaked round a friends house
to watch a video…
Not as ominous or mucky as it sounds..
This film was recorded from sky movie’s (Gold i think)
The film was a Nightmare on Elm street.
Despite having to be walked home by the babysitter
it was a movie that stuck with me. So much so seeing his
face in the Video shop was enough to put the shivers up me for years after.


ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing some of the much later
sequels here. Once you’ve seen Freddy’s Dead, or the rap
with the 3 obese rappers Nightmare loses some of it’s sting.
Which is a shame.

Perhaps I’m slightly biased but this film expertly ups
the tension throughout.You can’t help but wonder if the sequels
had not have happened would this be classified as an all time classic.

By the way if you plan to experience Nightmare again ensure
you pick up the 1984 version.
The plot is entirely different in the remake / reboot.

Until next time..

Have a great dayyyy.

The Analyst