Olympics Freeview Snub, Competitions regulator: “Sky too dominant”

Hello my Readers,

It's been a quiet few weeks for this media Mongoose but lets see what's changing now shall we?

This week I shall be commenting on the coverage of that big London sports day, the Olympics, and in a rare case I actually sympathise with Sky… Yep you read that right.

Step into my Office…

First the Olympics and your license fee funded BBC have not only taken over BBC One and Three but have plenty of HD channels covering all the events.

Well that is if you are with Freesat, Sky, (well any satellite box if you retune) or want to watch on your trusty PC.

Sadly the Terrestrial TV service Freeview can't get all these sports. The reason is a technical one, that the DTT platform simply doesn't have the capacity for that many video streams.

No matter though, it's still a slight kick in the (you know whats) to license fee paying Freeview customers. Which after the switch off is a heck of a lot of people.

Secondly siding with Sky? How un-Mongoose like.

Well sort of. The competitions regulator are again saying that Sky are too dominant in the Pay TV market. This I agree with but have to point out that BT have the same monopoly over broadband – They still haven't opened up the infrastructure in every area so if you're rural like myself chances are whoever your provider is relies on BT. In my experience that is not always a good thing.

If Sky are too dominant for the Pay TV Market should BT not also be looked into over the broadband infrastructure?

It's an interesting question that.

Interesting indeed.