Great Old Gaming Gems – Pang


Pang! Is a delightful little game that has been ported to numerous game systems over the years. Originally it was a game called Buster Brothers and was pretty popular on the Spectrum and Commadore 64, eventually it was brought back to other consoles over time and it eventually found its way to modern devices in the form of flash games available online or through the app store for IOS devices.


Pang! Is a little unusual in as much as there are large bubbles floating around the screen and you use a harpoon gun to fire upwards and pop them. The big balloons separate into two medium, the medium to small and the small to tiny, so it’s in some ways akin to Asteroids.



Once again (kind of a common theme in gaming gems) the key to the enjoyment of this game is simplicity, it’s essentially a blend of space invaders and asteroids but with beautiful coloured graphics and a platform system allowing you to climb ladders, move on and off platforms etc… the fun of the game though is the same as many original arcade games, beating the high score, challenging yourself and your reflexes and trying to be the ultimate Pang! player.


Thankfully what makes Pang! stand out against other games of its type is the gameplay element that makes things so enjoyable, instead of games like Space Invaders and Asteroids which are very samey, Pang! allows for variety. Your harpoon can be upgraded by popping open the right bubbles, you can freeze time, you can cause all the bubbles all at once to split into the tiny bubbles which leads to mayhem. Enemies can spawn if you take too long on a level on the ground floor. Remember, you can only fire upwards so you have to fire your harpoon in a way that means you can get the timing just right to hit it on the way up.


Timing is everything in this game, you get hit you lose, you take risks and they either pay off big time or you lose everything. This isn’t Mario or Sonic where you just have to jump from platform to platform, when you play Pang! Your heart is beating and you know you risk it all. It’s a great game and I highly recommend it.