Premier League Rights curse strikes?


It’s time to look at the Premiership Rights again.The result is in.

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The news broke and the result in my estimation is largely what we predicted may happen.


The rights appear to curse whoever holds them precious (apart from Sky). They were influential in killing off both ITV Digital and Sentanta Sports in the UK.


All ready it appears that the rights have pulled into doubt the future of ESPN’s main channel in the UK. The Curse of the premier league rights appears to have struck again. While the sun is perhaps setting on ESPN’s time with the rights a new day is dawning for BT. Now the cynic in me knows that they very rarely get their telephone service right but now they are to be a broadcaster. This is a whole new area for BT who here in the UK are beyond doubt (sorry Virgin media) Sky’s Number 1 competitor.


We as viewers are left asking ourselves these questions.

What will the cost be – Next season football fans will be asked to fork out for ESPN, SKY SPORTS and the new channel from BT.

The results of the bidding war are that Sky will now have to pay £6.6m for each live game, up from £4.7m.


Can you guess who’s subscription’s will be going up? Cos I sure as heck can.


Secondly what format will the BT games come in? Right now BT utilize broadband VOD as well as offer SKY SPORTS and ESPN via over the air DTT.

It is likely we shall see the start of BT on Satellite.


Today BT shares actually went down due to the price they had paid for the rights. So did the shares for SKY.


Could we be looking at more victims of the crown jewels of broadcasting?