RedReview Dressing Up

When I was a lad we didn’t call it Cosplay we called it dressing up. Although dressing up was by no means a regular occurrence and never once did I dress up for Halloween as a child. No dressing up was for the local carnival, Scout camps and special events. I remember having a dressing up box full of various bits and pieces of outfits made by my mother over the years, just to play with in the house. On those special occasions I went out dressed up it was as a Saxon, a Cheshire cat, a knight and one of Santa’s little helpers. We kids didn’t really care how good or accurate the costume was it was just a bit of fun.

When I was at University dressing up once again became the thing to do, but it was different. Dressing up was part of a general night out or a themed evening at one of the local clubs. Any excuse was used to dress up. My first Halloween at University was spent as a vampire at a manor farm in deepest darkest Wales. I wasn’t a fan of the music, but the ladies were fond of my outfit. Once again we didn’t care about the costumes as long as we were pretty drunk and they showed just the right amount of flesh.

I never expected as an adult that dressing up would be a thing. A thing with a name “cosplay” and that people would take it so seriously. I took it too seriously. I tried cosplay several times and never really had any fun, thinking that there wasn’t much point to it. There had to be more to it than just the costumes right? Trying to get every detail correct to look and act like someone else. So I’m going to stop cosplaying when I go to these comic conventions and I’m going to dress up instead. I’m not going to worry about the accuracy of my outfit I’m just going to have fun with it. With a bit of luck the last part of mine and the Analysts (for we are going as the same thing) cheapo costume will be here in time for Sheffield Comic Con on Saturday 13th August 2016.