RedReview: Birthdays

So as everyone within my vicinity knows my birthday is coming up soon. It has become a bit of a running joke that I talk incessantly about my birthday for months before hand. In the case of big birthdays it can even be years. Generally speaking I like to do something special for my birthday every year and I have a rule that I never work on my birthday.

The no work on my birthday rule came about because of the date of my birthday. No I’m not going to tell you the date, but it always fell in the school summer holiday. Therefore I never went to school on my birthday and I never plan to go to work either. For some strange reason, as a child, I always seemed to be away for my birthday mostly on scout camps. Perhaps that’s why I seek out some kind of adventure on my birthday.

I went through a phase in my early 20’s, I am now coming up 32 (legally old enough to have a grandchild!), where every birthday involved a week’s holiday and had to top the previous year. This was fun but became exhausting trying to come up with something new and better; especially seeing as my family won’t take me to theme parks because I won’t go on the rides.

In the last couple of years the magic seems to have gone out of my birthday; just like Christmas. I guess it’s just a natural part of growing up, still being single and not having a family of my own. Part of me is still a big kid hoping for a big pile of presents, a surprise and a delicious birthday cake; but I know I’m a little old for all that.