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Retro ReAction #1

Welcome to Retro Reaction #1

The debate that raged throughout the late eighties and early nineties.

Mario or Sonic?

Sega or Nintendo?

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So I fired up my old NES.

I put the cartridge in and get a flickering grey and black screen.

I scratch my head then remember…

There was a knack to putting in a NES Cartridge. A gentle push in then a slam straight down and its time to don those plumber’s dungarees just one more time!!

Super Mario Bros REACTION TIME –

Its not much to look at, and the control pad feels rigid compared to later offerings. The graphics although great for 1985 have not aged well…

You will be glad to know NONE of this matters.

Super Mario Bros is pure retro nostalgic goodness. Everything from the underground dungeon, to the swimming levels to the flag posts at the end of stage. Gameplay at its most pure and instant.

ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT

It’s great level design that doesn’t do pretty!


Sonic Start Screen

Sonic the Hedgehog REACTION TIME –

Put in the cartridge. Black screen.. Take out cartridge, blow, put it back in. (Yes all Mega Drive owners at some point have to give their games the kiss of life)

Here we go. He speeds onto the screen and we hear the sound of a lost youth….  SEGA…

Easier controls here. Every button jumps or moves. Yet is that not all I need. The first few zones (not levels you notice) are great. Spring yard zone was a little hectic and Sonic doesn’t require quite asmuch skill as the plumber. Again the faults don’t matter and even now Sonic looks pretty.

ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT
Fast, Nostalgic, Great.

Where are they now?

Mario – has gone from strength to strength as long as you stick to the core series. His steps into the third dimension have all been fantastic games! I would ignore his attempts at golf, soccer, or the Olympics.

<What about his Karting adventures? Multiplayer gaming at its finest! – The Truthseeker>

Sonic -I’m sorry to say that like Mario Sonic became a gaming whore. Showing some returns to form like his GBA adventures. Perhaps soon the hedgehog will
return to form soon. His 3D offerings have been very hit and miss.

I have long since learned that Mario Bros VS Sonic the Hedgehog is unfair. Mario belongs to an 8 bit era and in many ways was the game was a platforming pioneer.

Sonic is a 16 bit game that took the platform formula and innovated it with speed.

I have no new answers for this age old rivalry. Both games are equally brilliant in their own way.

Retro ReAction Project

Nineties Kids TV

1994 was exciting for me. It was our family’s first experience with Sky TV.
Loads of new channels (eleven in total I think) far more than the usual 4!

So it wouldn’t be the usual CBBC for me from now on it was Nickelodeon in it’s heyday.


First up an old favourite: Kenan and Kel.

They had theme music by Coolio: “I put the screw in the tuna!”

Kenan and Kel is not bad entertainment it’s just very samey.

They’re going to get in the sh$t Kenan will come up with a plan and Kel will wreck it.
Also contrary to popular belief Kel is not dead! (according to wikipedia)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I certainly was. For the record Porcelain dolls are still creepy.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This was a good one. The right mix of sitcom with kids program.

A family orientated show that bewitched me and for a long time was a guilty pleasure to watch.

An interesting find, the video link here shows this TV show may not be content to sit in the past. Could we be looking at a Retro Return?


ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT

An unfortunate thing about revisiting children’s programs when you’re old is that you never meet them with the same mindset you had at the time. Nostalgia and rosetints creep in.

That being said we have to be aware that our tastes now are very much shaped by what we saw on television back in the day.

So it may be a little worrying that in the UK Good Children’s TV is regarded as in crisis.

Am I praising the very shows that took away British Children’s TV and replaced it with imported and cheap American show?

That’s not really a Retro debate…

Makes you think though doesn’t it?

For now:

“I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed,” 

Have a Great Dayyyy!

The Analyst