Retro Reaction #10.1 Ronald McDonald and Tangoed

Welcome to the first Reaction looking into those bits between the TV programs. The advertisements . Those things Sky Plus was made for!

Whatever Happened to Ronald McDonald?

Before they were “loving it” McDonalds had a different kind of mascot. A demonic looking clown who would give the Joker a run for his money. Lately McDonalds have chosen wisely to focus their adverts more on their grown up food rather than flogging fast food to kids. But Ronald still has pride of place outside many restaurants in the UK and abroad welcoming you into Maccys. Here he is in Thailand for example:


This evil looking, burger peddling clown can be found in the area of McDonalds that deals with children’s party’s. Much to my surprise these party’s for children still exist.

In his long career Ronald has had his own video game, comic book and animated show! The freaky looking clown being the “good guy” stopping the Hamburglar from stealing the kiddies happy meals!

You Know When You’ve Been Tangoed!

Tango used this slogan a lot from 1991 to 1995. The adverts usually involved a big orange guy jumping out and slapping someone who had been drinking Tango. Introducing happy slapping to the whole of the country. In fact the advert was banned in the UK because of imitations.

Tango hit commercial gold with a commercial that saw an angry Tango boss declare war on the rest of the world after someone in France wrote a complaint better! The commercial ended with the Tango office marching to Dover and getting into a boxing ring. Then a couple of menacing looking helicopters come over accepting the declaration of war it would seem…