Retro Reaction 15.3 – Board Games, Cluedo, Monopoly, Jenga


This is about as Retro as you can get. Before  the video games that I’m so keen on here on reaction we had board games. These required more than one player and involved sitting in a room usually with dice and (shudder) socializing.  The sort of games you were dragged into playing at family occasions. Thing is sometimes, only sometimes these games can be quite enjoyable.



Cluedo is one of those games that takes a while to learn. It’s a game of guessing the cards in the envelope. Anyone can make suggestion. The games characters are now iconic. Professor Plub (purple) Colonel Mustard (yellow). The board game is a lot of fun when your a little older, however try playing this a little too young and all hell breaks loose.  I admit to re-buying this board game myself recently. However I never got the motivation to replay it. It’s sat under my bed.

The next one everyone will have played at some point. Monopoly. The money hungry game of property owning and trying to fleece people. More the game of life then the game of life when you think about it. This game was ruined for me with the advent of text messaging. My friends were texting the somewhat crooked banker into giving them money. Again probably more the game of life than the game of life.

Which is the one were going to look at next. The Game of life tries to sum up life as a board game. Quite surreal that you are moving along the board from birth to death. I’m not sure how you win there. The game trivializes stuff like your hit by council rates loose so many £££. As a kid playing the board game its quite funny. Not so much years later when i actually pay council rates!! Not so good at all.


The final game here is Jenga. Jenga made a bit of a return in the 1990s and it will do again. It’s basically building a big wooden tower. The looser is the one who pulls a brick out and the whole thing falls down. As a kid Jenga was ok. It took a little too long to set up and i hadn’t the most patience. But at Uni someone had the stroke of genius to have a giant Jenga set. I spent most of Uni being as anti-social as ever however one of the few times i did venture into the student bar was to play this with some of the   the guys from the year above. So quite a late convert to the game of Jenga.


That’s going to do it for this weeks Retro Reaction

Until Next Week – Have a Great Dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!