Retro Reaction 19.2 – Whitby

I actually re visited Whitby last year on a day trip with my brother and his wife. I persuaded him to go a little further than Scarborough on a boiling hot day. 




Whitby has a bit of a reputation with the Gothic crowd and arriving it’s not hard to see why. The cobbled streets are pretty similar to what we saw in Scarborough, but the Abbey towers above pretty much everything. It gives the place a bit of a Gothic feel even during the blazing hot day. 


We walked up to the Abbey. Did not look round sadly due to time constraints but enjoyed the view around the area from the top there. It does feel odd walking through a graveyard on the top of a hill. I can see where Bram Stoker got his inspiration from. It was while finding my way around Whitby that I did get a sense of Retro Reaction. I hadn’t been there since I was a child, yet so much of it was familiar.


My brother, to start with did not think he had been to Whitby before. I got t thinking, if I can only just remember it he must have been pretty much, in a push chair all the way around. 


The horror attraction on the beach mirrors that of Scarborough’s. This one however plays on the towns Dracula heritage. As do a lot of the gift shops. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the blend of light and dark the place has.  The only slight criticism is that the shops here are a little pricey and it’s a long way. 




The beach was very nice, and once again it was in the shadow of that great big Abbey. A lot of these Seaside reactions loose something when you visit as an adult. Even my all time favourites, the places that i regularly visit – loose something when your not nagging your parents for that next £1 for the amusements or a ride. 


Whitby didn’t fall into that trap as much. There was enough there to enjoy, whether you were six or sixty. We took the energetic route and went up to the Abbey. If you were looking at a more relaxing Retro Reaction – maybe just head to a coffee shop? 

That does make me wonder when the next time I visit Whitby will be. Maybe I will be sixty. 

One thing you do need however, is the weather.

You can bet there will be a retro reaction written on it. 

Until the next Seaside Reaction


Have a Great Dayyyyyyy!!!!!!!