Retro Reaction 19.5 Skegness


Not ripped of a postcard honest, we actually got a Sunny day (this one taken March 2012)


I have a confession to make. 

I write these column in advance, but these last two not as much in advance. 

Because I wanted to write these last ones as close to my 30th Birthday as possible. There’s nothing like a visit to an seaside town to help reflection. As i write this one it is the 8th June. On Friday I will be visitng Butlins, the place I always loved as a child. With Skegness being a place I always like to come back to..


I think we all have a seaside town or holiday destination like that? Or is it just me? 

In any event Skegness is my favorite Seaside. It has a long Sandy beach, plenty of amusements and all those junk food shops. They’re all in competition which usually makes the price of eating out nice and cheap.


That’s not to say there are many bad places to eat. I have eaten in Skegness many times and can’t say I’ve ever had an issue either with the food or the price. However I have eaten too much and made myself quite ill. I wish I could tell you all those times were down to be young.


Add to that the fact that like Cleethorpes they have a “real” high street alongside the tourist area and it really starts to make a good case for our Jolly Fisherman. 


I don’t know why Skegness has become my favourite. But I still feel excited at the view of the clock tower and the Jolly Fisherman statue. Perhaps part of the enjoyment is Skegness is always close enough to have family round. The last few times I have visited my parents have come up for a day. Usually they like to see the market at Ingoldmells (see last weeks Reaction) but more often then not it includes a half day around Skegness. 


It always seems as though times pass quick there. No matter how I’ve done the trip. I boarded the bus from Kirton to Lincoln, then Lincoln to Skegness with my brother when he was much younger. He ended up getting ripped off by a market trader in Ingolmells, hated the bus journey and went home. But it was still a memorable day! I have since done that Bus trip with other members of my family and Drew El. 


So maybe Skegness’s appeal comes from the fact I can get to it (Not very well – the bus journey is 3 hours). 


Before i finish this reaction I should point out one of my favourite parts of heading to Skegness is the journey (particularly stunning by Bus on te top deck) through the Lincolnshire Wolds. I can see the tower at Horncastle from the window at home. It keeps Skegness in sight but just slightly out of reach…. Until the Summer. 


That’s it for now. But next week I will be writing the column around the same time as my 30th Birthday.

Until then 

Have a great dayyyyyyy!!!!!!