Retro Reaction 20.0 – Back to the start


Well after the Seaside reactions counting down to 30, It’s now time to go back.. Right back to those Primary School days. It took a lot of reminiscing but here I have found some of my favourite old books. Sort of..  I will explain. Here is what’s coming 


Funny Bones / Bangers and Mash 

I was a slow starter with reading. But I do remember these odd pairings. Who doesn’t love talking monkeys or Skeletons? These are some of the earliest books I remember. It’s time they got their Retro Reaction 


The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

One of these was read to me. I confess I can not remember which teacher  read it out to me. I have not revisited the story except for seeing one of the Disney films some years later and seeing a documentary on it’s writer. Time to revisit C.S Lewis.


Point Horror / Goosebumps 

I admit to being more of a point horror reader. Mainly because Goosebumps came later (but did much the same thing)


The Assembly Stories 

Somewhere between classes 1 and 2 showing their latest paint splattering and singing that “He has the whole world in his pants” Came a story. I love a good story. So here Reaction salutes the school assembly and the moral storeys the boy who cried wolf and the emperors new clothes. 


The Famous Five 

These were my favourites for a long time. Once you read that first story each on after was easy to pick up. The Five’s adventures were great. This is something I feel is missing slightly now.


Moondial / Pod Can

This Reaction covers that rare moment of excitement. When the teacher wheeled in either the TV  and VCR (WOW) or the BBC Computer (Double WOW)