Retro Reaction #2.0 The Overview

Kung Fu Kombat


We look back at the 90s Beat Em Up craze. A time when every arcade goer had to choose. Were they Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Which would take their money and importantly which of them was the best.


On this Action theme we look at the number one kids program The Super Sentai series or as we knew then the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s. It”s time once again to shout “We need dinosaur power NOW”



The Scrap Heap


We look at the technology that didn’t quite make it to the mainstream as we examine the scrap heap. The Forgotten consoles like the NeoGeo pocket and the Amiga CD32. The video format’s that lost their respective format wars the HD DVD and the Betamax.


So the PC isn’t working huh. You’ve tried Ctrl,Alt,Del and restarting. Has it ever occurred to you there may just be a Gremlin in your house. We look at the 1984 franchise that took fairy tale elements and made one of the greatest black comedies of all time.


The Rise and Rise of the Hand-held


Nintendo took the first steps (they usually do) with the highly innovative Game Boy console. An update on its game and watch series. A full 8 bit black and white portable (ish) console. It’s opponent and nemesis the Master System Portable known as the Game Gear


We also take a look at how the handheld has evolved from that humble game boy to today’s smart phone, PSP, or 3DS


The Value of Re-release


Here at Reaction we believe in playing games on the console they were intended to be played on whenever possible. However we live in a world of instant gaming downloads. The Playstation Network, Xbox live, Android store and Itunes. Here we ask a very taxing question. Is this good value for us or a disguise for selling old data (are friends at Nintendo are particular offenders here).


We also look at Nintendo on the small screen. It’s the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!


Wars of the Obsolete OS


We look at some of the gone but not forgotten OS – (That’s operating system.) Including DOS, Amiga OS, and of course how could we miss out Windows 3.1


Forward, forward left, left. A video game?? No, well kinda. It’s inspired by the ZX Spectrum – a tv show named Knightmare. A ITV mainstay for us UK audiences. It inspired a playground game that more often then not leaded to me stepping in dog sh%t.


Retro Returns – Back to the Future


Retro is a popular trend. Many have tried to capitalise on this by bringing the past forward. By dusting off a concept and re presenting it to today’s audience. Are they successful? We take a look at returns such as the modern games released for obsolete systems, the updating of Wrestlefest and the re release of the Mega drive, master system and neo geo. The hints of returning series, vinyl keen on a comeback


Is retro fixing to perhaps become a movement. Is the once dead now the undead.