Retro Reaction #2.1 Kung Fu Kombat, Contact the Power Rangers


It’s very close to the release of the latest Street Fighter X Tekken but today at reaction we’re looking back at a time when everyone was fighting. The question was what team were they fighting for??


Street Fighter 2


You would have been forgiven for forgetting that Street Fighter 1 existed.

But Street Fighter 2, this game has been rehashed and re released on almost every console. From Commodore 64, Amiga, and Atari to modern PS3 and Xbox’s. That in itself is testimony to what is to the beat em up world what Mario is to platform.



ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT


What Street Fight fighter brought to the table was strategy. There were street fighter wizards could defeat a novice within seconds. (and judging by my attempt at the PS3 online play feature there still are)

The game is open to novices but has a steeper learning curve than it’s competitor.

Here doing the same move is fine against another novice, but fight the computer on a high setting or an experienced warrior and somebody’s going to get their arse kicked.


There is no doubt that from a technical standpoint Street Fighter is the superior game. The choice of moves, combinations, defence system are all superior and largely the basis of something that remains unchanged and successful right now


Mortal Kombat

ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT

Mortal Kombat was violent, bloody and a hell of a lot of fun. With a strong sci-fi / fantasy story and the most realistic violence to date (too realistic for many). It became the most controversial video game release of 1993. Nintendo lost a lot of sales for censoring this one.


The inter dimensional tournament was part fantasy, part sci fi and part sports entertainment. The special moves were awesome bordering on lunacy and very, very brutal.

In the early going you could have a lot of success using the same few moves and some of them are very easy to block (Rayden’s dash, Scorpion’s get over here)

This game was so easy to play, and so much fun and for that reason only it is my favourite of the two back in the day. It still is – but again dear readers this is one analyst’s opinion


Contact The Power Ranger’s at Once


This is one of my all time favourite’s and the most crazy TV series of all time.

Like Mortal Kombat – it mixed Sci fi / fantasy with marital arts and came up with this bizarre concoction.


It’s like this – Big talking head and incredibly camp robot choose teenage superheroes to fight some outer space bad guys. Oh and the teenagers had cool transformers as to fight in. Those transformers were THE hot toy of 1995.


Every week Rita (baddie) struck with a monster. Power Rangers fight with monster, monster grows, out come the transformers – job done.


GMTV had never been this cool.


ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT


You know how there are some programs you should have left in your childhood. This was probably one of them.


That said I enjoyed the nostalgic effect of the episodes and the series does pick up with the green ranger story. What is shocking here is that it breaks the rigid mould of the earlier episodes.

Some of the acting is not good and the visuals have aged but this miniseries does stand up pretty well as a “good and evil” story.


The reaction recipe here is glimpses of the awesomeness you saw in it the first time mixed with lots of nostalgia and lots and lots of cheese!




That said there is a lack of decent kids programming today. Recently the company that own the original Power Rangers Saban Brands bought back the rights. Thanks to netflix these episodes of nostalgia are widely available –


Could we be looking at the early inklings of a Power Ranger revival?

May the power protect you rangers always..