Retro Reaction 24.4 Discontinued Channels

Last week we looked at some multi-channels aimed at men. Now were going to look a t a few others. Some of these you may not have heard off. They were either buried deep into the EPG (which I guess by today’s standards is not that well buried but still..) Or was one of the many time share channels. 

Timeshare channels still exist. But for anyone unfamiliar with the concept these stations were usually Children’s Stations during the day and Entertainment channels at night. 

TNT in the UK is a prime example. As a wrestling fan I loved WWE on Sky. It wasn’t until much later in it’s run I learned about WCW Nitro and Thunder on TNT. Why? Because TNT did not exist during the daytime. It was Cartoon Network. At a certain time in the evening the channel changed. TNT in the UK was pretty much the WCW channel. 


Here is another one I was aware off. Nickelodeon changed at night to The Paramount Channel. It changed to  a 24 hour slot entitled Paramount Comedy in 1997 and now you probably know it as Comedy Central. Like many networks of it’s kind it co branded itself with it’s American sibling channel. 

The last one this week is the Hallmark channel still exists in the US. Over here we now know it as the Universal Channel. As the Hallmark channel it specialized in those guilty pleasure made for TV movies. Yes I know they have a reputation for being quite bad. I don’t know why but I used to flick across occasionally. To me the channel usually seemed to have a moral to sell. But it was quite an interesting watch. Though cringe-worthy at times. 


That’s going to do it for this weeks Reaction. Next week we are going to look at the channels responsible for giving us.. Well Retro Reactions!


The ones full of repeats. 

and No I don’t mean this Christmas’s BBC1 schedule 🙂


For now 

Have a Great Dayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

The Archive Channels!