Retro Reaction 24.5 The Archive Channels.

When we embraced the first mutlichannel platform that was Sky Satellite, these new channels needed content. A lot of the programs were imported quite successfully from America. Even today Sky’s longstanding relationship with The Simsons in prime time has helped them. This extended to other channels like Buffy in the 90s and Lost in the 00s. Then there was another channel. One that is still around today and has always done… pretty darn well for itself. That channel is GOLD or as I well knew it UK Gold.



As you can probably imagine.. Someone that writes a column on all things old.. Was well into UK Gold. It played many a great program. Most from the BBC and ITV Archives. (It was in initially owned by both companies). This sparked a wave of similar type channels.



Granada Plus was once such station. It played repeats, mainly from ITV’s back catalog. Although a great channel it was always noted as being a poorer version off the rival UK Gold. When it came to the change to Freeview Granada was unified with the ITV brand. So in the UK now we have ITV3 Free on both Freesat and Freeview. Looking at the kind of things in the schedule, (On the Busses etc) ITV3 used most of the same programming. The only slight difference is that ITV incorporated a more “general” entertainment archive, so as well as old comedy it mixes with old murder mysteries. Agatha Christie seems to be particularly important there. It’s a formula that has worked, ITV3 is still going strong.



When it came to naming their own Film Stations Sky decided that one of them should be Sky Movies Gold. Using that term for repeat that had worked so well for UKTV. It worked well for them too. We now have Sky Movie Greats which does largely the same thing. But such is the value of Repeats, Sky Movies Gold was the earliest Sky Movie Spin off channel, it was been with us since 1992. 

Goes to show you there is always a need for Retro. 

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