Retro Reaction 26.3 It’s Social

You would be forgiven for thinking that Facebook was the beginning of the “Social” internet. 

That notion is far from the truth, although I do grant Facebook with making the social internet seem normal.

Initially the Social side of the internet was not seen as “normal.” The internet was initially a place where “technical nerds” hung out. People who didn’t speak much to people in real life. That’s probably still quite a fair truth. Only now talking online is so much more widespread and for that we can largely thank our mobile phones. 


At the same time as the internet was using forums and email, we were using SMS messages to talk to people in the same room. Oh how that was a setting factor for the future. 


Online there was the infamous internet chat rooms to start with, this followed quickly by instant messaging and the most popular of them all MSN. I slightly missed the MSN craze but am told by those a little younger then me that each night involved being sat my MSN Messenger lol ing at friends. Thinking about it MSN Messenger was an ideal technology for the 56k generation. Text was small and easily transferred even over small internet connections. 

Social Networking later evolved from MSN to Sites like MySpace and BeBo. This idea of a home page on the net really took of and was the predecessor of Facebook. Twitter i think comes from our skill in sending short SMS messages. When SMS used to cost 10p each it was better to say what we had to say in one text message. 


There were also sites like friends reunited that tried to reunite old school friends (by having a search feature based on school and year! Revolutionary at the time) for a price. 


Friends Reunited had not been around for long before Facebook successfully took the ideas of Friends Reunited, Bebo and MySpace and added in Instant Messaging and a massive lack of privacy! That’s it it sold. 

Now most people broadcast their lives through Facebook, Twitter or some other type of Social Media (that includes us at the Spaceman).. 

Recently their has been a change from Facebook to other forms of Social Media, Instagram, Snapchat etc. 

The world of Social communication just moves on using the internet as it’s greatest tool

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