Retro Reaction 29.1 See No Evil (2006)

This set of reaction articles is supposed to be about the movies that.. flat out suck.

Well that’s not entirely true. These are just the movies that didn’t do much for me. 

In the case of 2006 See No Evil. I am a life long wrestling fan. But I knew before seeing the film that movies and wrestling don’t mix that well. I was surprised to find myself smiling for parts of this film. 


There is a part where the youths using the bed rings a little bell to alert Kane, (I mean Goodnight) so he can.. go murder them. I can’t always tell if the film is bad or just poking fun at the slasher genre. Sadly the humour doesn’t really hit the mark and as a horror film it’s filler. Quite a bad film but not an absolute stinker right? 


There is a questionable final scene where a dog .. pee’s on the open eye socket of the villain. It’s like taking the worst ideas from the later Freddy sequels. In fact the whole film seems to rely on a few pinched ideas. It’s almost as though the idea was to play it safe intentionally. It’s not the only horror film to fall into this trap by far. But it is one of the worst offenders. 


I always try and find some good in everything reviewed here on Reaction – with the stinkers that may prove difficult. But for this one I will say that it raised a smile occasionally from a WWE fan. As ever take a look and make up your own mind here. 


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