Retro Reaction #34.2 Water Fights in the Summer and Silly String for Christmas

Hot summer days were always suspect where I grew up. There was a garage a short walk from the house that sold water bombs. They were small balloons that could be filled with water. When they hit something really hard (like a person) they were supposed to explode. ┬áThis was the theory anyway. Often after you had a shot perfectly timed, and threw them horribly they would just sit unexploded on the floor (maybe I didn’t have enough force?)

I also never got what the rule was here. Often sides were drawn out quickly, That’s when someone shouts “It’s us three take you three”. But alliances never seemed to last. As soon as someone had a chance to soak you it kinda became every kid for themselves. You know what? Most the time I was fine with that.

Water bombs were never that bad. If one went over your shirt. Well it was a little bit cold and a little annoying. But nothing a half hour in the sun wouldn’t fix.

But then there was the heavy artillery. I’m talking big buckets, watering cans, ┬áhose pipes, and full paddling pools. We are taking the Ice Bucket Challenge decades before. These were bad. Bound to send someone home early, soaking wet and in a massive tantrum… and when I say someone I kinda mean me.

Then it’s over. Summer is gone and so too are the spontaneous water fights.

Until Christmas. At the Christmas lights ceremony every year a local shop would sell eggs (they eventually stopped selling them to under 16s during the ceremony) and silly string. So you could be minding your own business one moment and covered in something that looks like a 60s Batman Joker prop the next.

Was it just me? Did this madness extend beyond my local town?

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2 Comments on “Retro Reaction #34.2 Water Fights in the Summer and Silly String for Christmas

  1. I would say that it extended beyond your town to mine, but then again we did grow up in the same town! Silly string was both the best and the worst. Do you remember the stuff we used to spray in our hair as well, to turn it silver, green, pink or something?

    • I remember that vaguely. I hated it! It meant having to wash my hair. Still not big on that concept now