Retro Reaction #33.2 Road to Wrestlemania Hogan Vs Warrior

My Countdown to Wrestlemania continues with this look at Wrestlemania’s past


Wrestemania 6 was all about one match. Hulk Hogan Vs The Ultimate Warrior. This was undoubtedly one of the WrestleMania’s where the main event made the card. To add this even more both the World Title and the IC Title were on the line in the same match! It was the WWE’s most ambitious Wrestlemania until that date (apart from Wrestlemania 3 which still holds the attendance record for Hogan vs Andre).

This one did not need a massive amount of build. Hogan simply lade the challenge out to Warrior. Could Hulkamania survive the ultimate challenge.


Amazingly this contest featured two of the WWE’s most popular stars at the time. Today they have a hard enough time getting us to cheer one character! The fans in attendance genuinely seemed split to if they wanted Hogan or Warrior to walk out champion.


The match was not terrible, particularly given both men’s styles. I also largely don’t think this one was about in ring work. It was Hogan Vs Warrior, it was all about the spectacle. There were a lot of themes in this match. One was the possibility of a Hogan heel turn. (It didn’t happen but there were moments when he held that title at the end where they were definitely teasing a dastardly Hogan act. That heel turn never came. The other point heavily teased was the passing of the torch. Through Hogan passing Warrior the title.


As it turned out neither of these played out long term. The next Mania was the Hogan Slaughter feud (yes I wrote these columns the wrong way around).


The only gripe here is that the other matches seem to be more “shows” than actual contests. It seemed like WWF wanted you to see everyone on their roster for a series of 5 minute matches.


So if you’re watching this on the WWE network maybe skip to the main event. Because that is what this one is all about..

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